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Individualised Living Options

Individualised Living Options (ILOs) are a support arrangement developed by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) that helps those with a disability choose where and how they live, in the way that best suits them. There are lots of choices with ILO and whilst you can share your home with housemates, or live in the home of a host, it is important to note that an ILO arrangement does not provide housing or assist with the cost of the home, such as rent or a mortgage.

ILO is aimed at those with lower to medium support needs – generally around at least 6 hours of in-home supports a day – who don’t want to live in a group home. If you require around the clock supports, another housing option like Supported Independent Living is probably better suited to you. As the name suggests, ILO is built around your individual situation, with a large part of the support focusing on helping you discover the best housing option for you.

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There are two distinct stages to ILO, both of which are important to helping you live in a way that suits you.

Stage 1 – Exploration and Design: The first stage involves working closely with a professional – usually a support coordinator – to explore the living arrangements that are available to you, weigh up the pros and cons of each, establish how much support your informal network can provide, and then work out.

They’ll then design a support package around your choice. This is contained in a document called a Service Proposal, which includes everything the NDIS needs to know to give you the funding to access the supports you need in the home.

Stage 2 – Supports: The second stage involves bringing your Service Proposal to life and getting you into your new home.

There are two main kinds of supports that ILO will fund; primary supports and supplementary supports, which work together.

a. Primary supports: These are the main supports that you receive while in your home. These could be hosts or housemates you live with or support workers who visit. Your ILO funding will be used to pay them directly (either an agreed-upon amount if it’s a host, or an hourly rate for support workers), or indirectly, through something like a rent reduction for your housemate.

b. Supplementary supports: These are the other supports you receive in the home, outside of those your primary supports deliver. This can be because your primary supports are away on holiday, you require a specialist, or any number of reasons why you need a little bit of extra support. These supports are flexible, so you’re able to bring them in as you need, provided they can be considered a reasonable and necessary support.

What does Bethel ILO Provide?

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Bethel's Individual Living Options project is straightforward: you have the freedom to shape the service according to your preferences, and we'll assist you in making it a reality. This flexibility empowers you or your loved ones to be inventive in how you structure the support, and it remains adaptable for ongoing reviews.

As an ILO provider, our team offers assistance in managing support and funding to meet your needs, personal preferences and goals. If you have any other questions about ILO, your eligibility, and how it can benefit you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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